Image Consulting

Working with Holland Group PR will assist you in gaining the confidence to express who you are and how you want to be perceived. We work with clients in-person and virtually to review their current wardrobe and style. Each session is devoted to four pillars designed to achieve your desired image. 

Image Assessment: In this initial step we begin by exploring every aspect of your image by completing a personality survey and style profile. This step is key in identifying who you are and where your desired trajectory. At this stage we align your style aesthetic with your inner identity to create an alignment with your immediate perception goals. 

Wardrobe Audit: We're not all about tossing your favorite items... Our comprehensive wardrobe audit is the result of findings and observations made in your Image Assessment. As a team we decide what items you will retain or depart with. 

Personal Shopping: This pillar will include rebuilding your wardrobe. Our personal shopping services include selecting items to assist you in selecting the ideal wardrobe.

Wardrobe Planning: When we've completed the previous pillars, we create wardrobe capsules by incorporating existing items in your closet with new additions. The ultimate goal is to assist you in discovering style tips that garner results when we're not with you.